Fashion Frames & Eyeglasses

Find the Latest Fashion Frames
Choose from a wide array of the latest styles of eyeglass frames as well as more economical options. Lüstro Eyeworks Optometry carries plastic (acetate) frames, retro/vintage frames, and titanium/aluminum frames for adults and children.


The brands we carry include:

Geek Eyewear
Giorgio Armani
Oliver Peoples
Ray Ban
Tom Ford
Tiffany & Co.
Von Zipper

Regardless of the style or designer you choose, our staff is ready to make sure the eyeglasses you choose are a good fit for you.

Plastic (Acetate) Eyeglass Frames
Lüstro Eyeworks Optometry carries hand made plastic frames from Japan (Oliver Peoples), France (Cartier), Italy (Bvlgari, Chanel, Prada, Gucci) as well as affordable plastic frames from China and the good old USA (Oakley and Geek Eyewear). Since plastic frames do not typically have nose pads, a fitting consultation from one of our experienced opticians ensures a proper fitting frame that does not slide down your nose. Lüstro Eyeworks also stocks Asian Fit Oakleys.

Vintage/Retro Eyeglass Frames
Vintage or retro eyeglasses capture the styles of the past, but use the latest materials for durability and comfort. Lüstro Eyeworks carries a large range of retro and vintage styles from top designers, including Ray Ban, Artistik, Oliver Peoples, Geek Eyewear, and Chanel . High quality plastics, titanium and other durable materials make our retro eyeglasses a great choice for those who love vintage chic.

Titanium & Aluminum Eyeglass Frames
Titanium and aluminum are excellent premium metals for eyeglass frames – they are lightweight, strong and can be made very thin. Lüstro Eyeworks carries a wide range of titanium and aluminum frames, including frames from Ray Ban, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Silhouette, SimplyLite, and Zegna.

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